Dorian Koelmans is an independent interdisciplinary designer from Amsterdam. His current work focuses mainly on the design and production of textile, using various materials and techniques, such as digital print on textile and embossed print designs using layers of foam rubber and cotton.

Trained as a product designer, Koelmans has developed a wide range of products, from gadgets and accessories to fashion, art and interior design. His work is known for its unique
and playful style, in which ordinary everyday things are reshaped in a new, refreshing and humorous way.

In addition to the development of his own product line, Koelmans works freelance for numerous companies located in and near Amsterdam. His products are self-produced and –
apart from certain technical aspects of the product process – completely handmade, which also applies to his customized work he delivers on commission. To make a request or to simply enquire about his work, feel free to get in touch with Dorian Koelmans by sending him an email.

Studio Koelmans

Dorian Koelmans

Soembawastraat 17 k Amsterdam 1019AK